Thursday, February 10


I'm really no good at keeping up on this old thing.
 Where have I been? The days tumble away at a break-necking pace.
My grandpa is very sick.
My nights carry little sleep and my worrying makes me ill.
 I can say no more.
 Nate is leaving. Sooner than I can comprehend, to be honest.
I count remaining days on ten fingers but can't accept them.
Perhaps I can brace myself? My collapse is inevitable.
My attempts at detachment are worthless.

My heart is conflicted.
My mind is wrung dry; void of beauty, humor or wisdom.
My imagination is hushed like blades of grass in the dead of night.
My soul yearns to escape the bustle and hustle, the chaos, the schedule.
It seems I wear the same sweaters everyday. The same pants. The same boots.
The same frumpish get-up.
The fact that I've noticed most likely means I'm no good at this "letting yourself go" business.

I am listless, I am tired,
I am winter.


  1. <3 Oh dear, we are all tired, aren't we? Life is simply so exhausting at times. We are so young to feel so old. But we all are here for you, for your heartaches, and tiredness. We will always stand beside you.
    Stay well..

  2. I truly can not express how much your words have comforted me or how sincerely grateful I am to you. Thank you.