Wednesday, January 26

I wish i could stay home all day buried in my books.
People are pretty lousy; that's very cynical of me, really,
but teenagers can really get under my skin.
 Big phonies.
It's times like these when being in my own company is much more enjoyable.
"Please, just leave me to my books and my tea."
I wish I could be a recluse. 
Some days I think that nobody knows a single thing about a damn thing.
Maybe Emily Dickinson had it right?
To be honest I don't really care about Emily Dickinson, not really.
but maybe she had it right.


  1. Dearest Lexi,
    You make me me laugh, how much you sound like Holden. You hit it right on. Although don't be too cynical. People can surprise you sometimes.

  2. Lexi,
    This is fantastic. Completely and utterly agree with you. Books, tea and some alone time are really all you need. :)