Thursday, February 17

silent lips, thunder heart

I feel much older than I was last week. This long week has aged me more than I could have ever thought.
I feel that this chapter in my life is swiftly coming to a close. I can only anticipate what the next may hold in store.
There isn't nearly enough time to write now. We'll catch up later.


  1. I feel old, my bones are old, they creek and crack with each movement, I shiver all the way to the core. My skin is dry and pale as a bone, my tired heart beats so slow, but still impossibly I am breathing. The sorrow of it all is astounding, I do not know if I will survive this. I am so tired, frail and fragile, ready to give up. But I don't, because I search the strength I know I have in me.
    For life and love is all that matter; it is all I need. It keeps hurting, but I am healing.
    But I will survive the loss, no matter how hard or difficult it may be...i will be okay.

    Dear, I hope you are okay. You are so very strong. We all can see it in you. Your beauty shines through your words, and sometimes they break our own hearts. Stay well, dear. We could not be without you.
    P.s I love the new picture. So much life and detail in it. So beautiful.
    With all the love in the world.

  2. My goodness, where ever did I get such wonderful followers? I truly can not thank you enough, for every word.