Thursday, December 31

when i grow up.

i want a library.
One in my home. I don't care if i have a big kitchen, bathroom, closet or bedroom.
i want a library.
One with shelves lining the walls. books from the floor clear up to the ceiling. plenty of old books, the kind with character. those shelves are to always be disorganized (thats the rule.) that way the room holds even more wonder.
and a window!
ohh, i want a window. one with a bench and cream curtains.  a map of the world on the floor. the window facing east, just like the window in my bedroom. that way the sun rises through that window and the room has a beautiful glow almost all day long. a spiral staircase leading up to it. the staircase hidden in a closet, just like lisa's library. everytime i walk up those stairs i feel as if i've just discovered a beautiful secret.

my home will have books in every room. "A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero
i'm in love with this idea.

I want a sun room.
like the one at Annika's house, hidden away in the mountains. with windows for walls and plants throughout the room.
it faces north. you can see sunshine from sunrise to sunset with those windows for walls.She and I would drink tea in that room every saturday morning. those are some of the lovliest memories i have of annika. two little girls sitting in a sunroom drinking tea.. discussing things of "great importance" and longing for things like pencil skirts, stilletos and corsets.. silliest thing. the sun beating down on our callow skin and long brown curls. no doubt my longing for a room like this is tied to my nostalgia.

I'm in love with this idea.

I want a lamp post.
like the one i came across recently, it felt as though i had just stepped into narnia. a beacon of light nearly hidden in the trees, the surroundings covered in snow. beautiful.

I'm in love with this idea.

even if i never have these things it would be alright. i have them in my heart.

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