Tuesday, January 5


i need to escape myself.
Let us sleep for in dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own. Let us swim through the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud. The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, and therefore should be treated with great caution. Interesting creatures,phoenixes...they carry immensely heavy loads and their tears have healing powers.
A phoenix is a mythical bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. In some stories, the new phoenix embalms the ashes of its old self in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis (sun city in Greek). It is said that the bird's cry is that of a beautiful song. They can also turn into humans.

new. new. new. new.
its time for something new. something different.
new hair, new walls, new people.
its time i catch fire and say goodbye to my old ways.

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