Tuesday, June 8

i awoke to the tune of birds and lawnmowers, the bright sun beating down on my eyelids
a day of shopping with a very good friend.
the summer wind brushed my face and ran its fingers through my hair
jack johnson: to the sea.
i smiled all day long.
a darling little dress and a hat to match.
ella fitzgerald and a vanilla bean frappuccino. heavenly.
burgers and watermellon with friends.
an adventure with nate. hours of driving finally brought us to our destination late at night.
a peculiar man; howard. i was afraid. silent and unmoving.
nate's eyes light up with talk of serving a mission.
the drive home we tell stories. he teaches me to drive stick shift.
stealing kisses on the front porch.
at home i lay in my bed taking in the day.

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