Wednesday, March 10

For you :)

memories so paper-thin, sometimes i don't really believe them.
figment of my imagination: quite possibly..
dream: that could be it too.
if not for the red umbrella that still hangs in my garage, i'd probably not believe it.
we felt like we were grown ups.
my brother was being surprisingly genuine today..
through the crackling twigs-
with disheveled hair, i followed.
i followed khaki shorts
i followed worn and dirty sneakers
i followed my only brother- who i was feeling extra fond of today.
where are we going?
just wait.
where are we going?
you'll see.
we took the shortcut, passing fields, and weaving through trees,
climbing a fence.
tables came into sight-
to any other 6 year old, this would have been just tables
this would have been just people selling what they had to give.
to me, it looked like treasure chests opened to the public,
open bargain.
the swap meet, such a simple pleasure.
we walked up and down the tables
and i spotted only 2 things i really wanted:
watermelon jolly ranchers, and my red umbrella.
My brother let me pick everything out, which gave me a small sense of responsibility and also provided me with a sudden urge to hug him.
we made our way back
twigs crackling
umbrella twirling
brothers pocket knife shining
taste buds watering with the sugary watermelon taste.
summer air was still- we pushed past it with eager bodies.
the sun was sinking,
the sky was washed with purple hues and orange-ish tints.
tender mercies, probably forgotten by my brother, he probably didn't even realize he made this memory that i'm so fond of- that i'm so glad to have, thin or not.
when i walk through the garage, past the white hook
paint chipping, jump ropes tangled,
i see the red umbrella,
and i'm content.

written by Bayley Christensen

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