Friday, October 26

Life lately

This is Austin. (Who came into my life unexpectedly, with perfect timing, and is incredibly good to me)
This is the trip we took a month ago. Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to visit the redwood forest with my entire soul. Austin, being as sweet to me as he is, decided that he had to take me to this place I had been dying to see.
We camped in the redwoods for about a week and fell hopelessly in love with it all. We mostly stayed in the Jedediah smith area near crescent city. Crescent City became one of my favorite places, it is a small little fishing town with the greatest harbor and light house and only ten minutes from the greatest forest on earth. Austin and I both want to move there (only, we have no idea what we would do there besides constantly being twitterpated)

Then through Oregon- I say "through" because we stopped in Medford for a day, then got out of there (Austin assumed the rest of Oregon would be like Medford. I didn't care, either way. i was happy to be anywhere!) I loved Oregon! I made friends with every stranger, and played with every dog.

Austin hated Medford (which is known for its meth labs) while I was dreamy eyed and could only see sunshine and rainbows, Austin was constantly on his guard so we didn't get mugged or shanked and I didn't get carried off by all the peculiar friends I was making. And rabid dogs I was petting.
It really is a good thing I have that wonderful guy, because truthfully those sunshine and rainbows goggles come on a lot. And he always takes very good care of me :)

regardless, i had the time of my life. Austin did also :)

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