Sunday, February 5


Back turned.
Closest companion strung over those piercing shoulder blades
Could you hold to anything else so tightly?
Skin stretching over brittle bones
"you've lost weight, darling"
I see it in your face.
Your sunken eyes.
Give me a smile, baby.
What Four four?
I just want to see your eyes light up
Is it me?
Is it my sea tattered
Is it my fluctuating
I had more to give once
I was more once
The dim from the side table, my hands framing your face: you smiled endlessly
So strong, so vibrant, so beautiful
So many women desire rare gems
This gem, My rare gem.  Do I not treasure you, as I ought to?
You don't see my admiration?
My perception read overflown
How can I ever reach the depths of your wells?
stuck in wells of my own
Do my eyes carry the light they once did?
Does your heart beat as wildly as it once did?
Back when time was young.
Back when souls were won. One.
Sing me sweet melodies, 
from when I was the elements
The sun.

My moon,

How long can a soul like yours stay with a soul like mine?
Tied down to tattered sails,
lost in rhythm and time. 
The faults are mine.

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