Friday, February 26


ladies and gentlemen..
in my personal opinion, today most definitely has the makings of a very good day.
i recieved lovely little texts late last night and awoke with a smile on my face..
two hours late.
my alarm forgot to wake me up this morning as i forgot to set it.
never the less, i sat up in my bed and made a mental note to make today a very good day.
{no matter what was thrown at me.}
i threw my hair up in a lazy bun, found my hendrix shirt and teamed it up with my dollar tree cardigan (that cardigan is good luck i think) wore those earings that i think make me feel relaxed. mismatched socks.
i haven't worn makeup in a few days. i'm proud of myself for not being hungup about that.
but today has still been a very good day.
i accidently said a socially unacceptable word very loudly in a very quiet library.
made an overflowing pot of mac and cheese for the girls at lunch. which made me late to math.
but it was still a very good day.

the day is still young. the possibilities are endless.
but i think its going to be a very good day.
because i'm going to make it that way.


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