Saturday, February 9

i'm shrinking the space in my life which you once existed.
Little by little, I will purge objects that once belonged to you. I will erase every foot print you left.
I will do this easily and with little emotion until one day, all evidence of you in my life will be gone.
It will seem to all others as though the only time our paths crossed was in ordinary passing-
a stranger on the crosswalk, someone who once stood in front of you in a line-
And by then, I'll be far from here.
I will remain in your past only as someone you once knew.
We'll forget the way our hearts beat while holding the other
We'll forget the carefree smiles
We'll forget the beaches we walked and the woods we frolicked
We'll forget the warmth we shared sleeping beside each other.
And we'll be nothing more than a distant memory. Perhaps a dream?

once a soul has known a fire so fierce, no flicker of flame will do.

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