Sunday, October 23


my boots clicked as they traveled across leaf covered sidewalks. Music flowed into my ear drums and with each new breath my lungs pulled the crisp autumn air closer.
Hello, Quiet. Hello, Fall.
Embracing the alone like a dear old friend: I've missed you. Here, with myself, my feet steady and my heart full. All the time in the world and nowhere to be but everything to see and feel.
My feet brought me to a library, where I wandered the enormous book shelves and found myself cozied up in a corner with treasures by J.D. Salinger.
my wandering heart carried me further. Barber shop: where old men smiled at me from glass windows, barbers tending to their hair.
I enjoyed a chai latte and watched the clear blue sky, the wind through the water colored leaves. I wondered when snow might fall again. I sat for a while listening to each humm and buzz of life as it circled around me in that little corner coffee shop. I enjoyed the delicious aromas and tastes that bathed me.
I walked to my favorite antique store. I sat quietly and leafed through old novels and sorted through buttons- each one so very different from the next. I sat under a tree devouring the poetry, my shoes placed neatly beside my "adventure pack-pack". The clouds sailed on; my soul missed my darling M.
I tried a new place for lunch. focused on my meal, senses amplified. No talk, no distractions. Alone with my senses.
I got in a fist fight with a bee. I'd like to think I won because I didn't get stung and die but recalling myself swatting like a mad woman, turning in cirlces frantically then finally sprinting down the block, it may have been the bee that won.
I raked a pile of leaves for jumping. The breathtaking reds, yellows, the orange. All so vibrant and beautiful, too soon will they pass, leaving the world void of color.
I went to the movie theater alone. Something I had never done before but had been wanting to do. I experienced a film with a clear mind, no other influence on my views or perception.
My soul was rejuvenated. My heart was full. I was happy.
Every once in a while an alone day is just what I need.

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