Thursday, April 7

In my world...
Our wealth would be measured in the amount of joy we feel. Real joy, pure joy.
We would sum our daily earnings by the number of times we had laughed with all our hearts. Even the times we laughed out of courtesy would be worth something. For every mean spirited word one said, they lost money. The wealthiest people would be the happiest people and even the impoverished wouldn't stay that way for long. The wealthy would be good enough to share their treasures.
All your smiles and good deeds could be measured in some way. For every kind thought you had about another person, sincere emotion and heartfelt gesture, would be tallied. In the morning, we could step on the bathroom scale and it would read us our charity weight. Nobody would ever complain about wanting to lose weight, instead, they would be trying to gain weight.
There would be no homeless soul because we would all live in hobbit holes anyways.
We would place our homework and our books underneath our pillow case while we slept and the knowledge would slowly evaporate into our minds.
When you were sad your boots got to be real heavy. anytime you had heavy boots and said "it's been a long day..." someone could help you take your boots off. We could try on another's boots to know how they were feeling. If someone had really heavy boots you could lend them your boots to walk in for a while. and if someone's shoes had become really worn down  you could know they had traveled a hard journey.
Anytime you missed someone you could throw some light and love up into the sky for them and that night as they were falling asleep the stars would twinkle a little brighter for them and they would feel your love.
The mileage in our vehicles would measure the distance our imaginations had travelled and the depths they had gone to. But some might measure the depths and fullness our hearts had loved.
We would attend school in enormous trees and hang from the thick branches to be educated and if you climbed high enough up a mountain you could jump onto a cloud and rest there for a while.


  1. You, and your mind, are breathtakingly beautiful. May I join this world, please?

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