Monday, December 6


Day 6 of the month from hell.
I know, I sound like Ebenezer Scrooge but i'll be happy when December has passed.
The alarm clock will sound in exactly five minutes. You see why I'm bitter?
I need more time, I need less to do.
I need moreee..... money. Scrooge, again. I know.
sometimes it helps to swear like a sailor and stomp my feet.
I need to stop letting my heart be broken by foolish boys.
or i need to stop trusting half boys who you can only half trust and only half care.
or i need to cut the other half of our ties and let half boys go.
or maybe i just need a whole nights sleep.
or to stop complaining a whole lot. but i just want whole.
and i want this whole month to be over.

oh cuss (stomp, stomp)

1 comment:

  1. Widdo Wexi!
    December will shape up, you will see! I am coming, so of course it will! :)

    It is ok to have a bad day, just not a bad life!!

    Love you dearly!