Wednesday, December 15


3:57 a.m: I lay in a tenebrous room, eyes intent on a clock. Villainous predator.
It will wake me in a few moments. My breathing steady; my heart calm.
I am still. Cautious not to move an inch underneath the quilts i am folded in to.
The day promises turmoil and my heart will soon beat like a jungle drum.
Delicate little heart, I put you through too much. This old heart.
At this moment you are serene and i dare not disturb you.
My lungs push at my rib cage. No thoughts, only breathing.
Steady. Steady.



  1. i love this lexi. it is beautiful. just like you darling.

  2. dude, i have just seen all of your blog now and have only two things to say...1. the more and more i scrolled down the happier it made me, not alot of things do that haha your good at this shit :) and two, your badass ;)