Tuesday, August 17


i'm tired. i am utterly exhausted.

i've been in hiding, i'll admit it. ignoring all contact from the outside world.
it's not that i mean to be impolite or selfish...but these last few weeks have been hell.
all i need is time to lick my wounds, i need to gather myself. i'm still recovering.
a selfish moment, i suppose.
though considering everything... i don't think thats a lot to ask.
i feel shaken, right to the very core of my soul. and that is something that takes time to heal.

but i'm going to write. thats what i need.
not for anyone else, for me. because i think it will help me.


  1. Good to have you back.

  2. You deserve time to yourself. To let yourself heal. No one thinks you're being selfish. But when you feel alright and want to have contact with the world again, your cousin would love to have another date with you.