Thursday, June 17

Life has felt off lately.
the people who know my heart, know my why's and how's. my dearest friends.
they've been away for some time, summer holiday. one by one they go.
it was a quiet day at work. i layed in bed that night thinking.
i'm not a very good person. i'm not a bad person but i'm not a good one.
i'm somewhere in between, i suppose. in the gray area.
i thought of my wrongs and tears cascaded off my warm cheeks.
i tried my hardest not to wake a friend sleeping beside me.
the only thing worse than being sad is when others know your sad.
i thought of nate. what would he say? it helped.
i burried my face in my pillow and focused on my breathing
but my aching bones refused to find sleep.

its time for a trip to my dear grandparents.
i need it, i need them.

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