Monday, June 14

hes gone.
promise me you won't cry; the first words he said to me this morning. i promised.
he walked in the door without a word and wrapped his arms around me.
in just one moment everything was different. he was quiet, serious, distant.
the car ride was mostly silent.
i wanted to pretend it was like any other day. he couldn't.
hardly said a word, only pulled me in closer
the wind hurtled through the windows and scattering my hair all about.
i attempted to make conversation. i told stories, trying my hardest to make him laugh.
he laughed half heartedly, smiled sadly. his eyes hidden beneath sunglasses.
i hated this. my heart was screaming.
"please talk to me."
"i don't want to go."
he kissed my hand then held it tighter.
and before i knew it i was watching him drive away.

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