Sunday, March 14


I normally prolly wouldn't post this but i'm killing a couple birds with one stone and doing a preference blog post. I made some promises to family members that i would take pictures of everything and tell them "the whole story" in return for some favors. 

Tasmyne, anna and I (back when they were still in our group) asked by spelling out preference on cupcakes.
i thought that was pretty adorable of us.
i asked andrew swensen.
leaving these at the doorstep was tricky considering that Tas was the driver and started pulling away when i had only one foot in the car. Lets just say that if we ever rob a bank i'll be driving the getaway car.
andrew answered with princess soup because i was sick. tied to it was balloons which spelled out "yesh" or "h yes" as i like to think it said.
i ordered my dress for a ridiculously good price and with it came the sweetest handwritten card.

the group:
Kaybri and Jordan
(Kaybri was such a sweetheart and helped me out with basically everything)
Seattle and Tony
Lisa and Dane
(lisa is dressed up as wonder woman. dane is wearing wings.)
dane and andrew developed a brief bro-mance this day. I'll never understand guy love..
andrew and i dressed up as tourists.

for our day date we did a photo scavenger hunt around downtown provo. teams were divided up into couples. to add some competition the winning team was to have their dinner paid for by the other girls.
the rules of the scavenger hunt were
1. no driving. everyone must be on foot.
2. both people on the team must be in every picture.
our boundaries were inbetween the tabernacle and the library.

a few of the things on the list are as follows
Mexican restaurant
a bar
speed limit sign
an elderly couple.
 (ours happened to be eating. and as rude as i know it is :/ we just didn't have time to see if they were okay with being in our picture.
 we had a game to win, right?)
an american flag.
nuskin building
an Italian restaurant
people eating
(yes, i know. another rude one. we snuck up on these two.)
a guitar store (with someone who works there)
a record
(heres where we had to get creative)
a hobo
this one was pretty nice. he was different than the other hobos because he was friendly instead of creepy. the kind of hobo worth meeting, you know?
(andrew and I alone found 6. i'm not sure about you but to me that seems like a problem)
by the way, if anyone sees hobo greg out and about be sure to tell him hello. he has some good stories and i'd hate for him to get lonely.

some things that made andrew and I happy:
harry potter house
running like an airplane
the sparklies!!!

it rained the whole time but that didn't stop us. all the jaywalking, sprinting and rudeness along with our advantage of knowing downtown provo really well paid off because andrew and I won.
victory pictures:
(victory lamp)

if anyone is looking for a beautiful dress i recommend Veronica Michaels in Spanish Fork. We had a lot of fun there. You can get a 10% discount by becoming a fan on facebook.
(they are basically handing out discounts left and right down there)

Aunt leslie and aunt kim were so kind as to fit, shorten, take the dress in for me and provide a shawl.
after borrowing an assortment of cream and white colored shoes from just about everyone with the same shoe size as me... I finally fell in like with a pair. thank you, Megan Jensen for rescuing me from my shoe crisis.

andrew and i make a pretty good rich couple. don't you agree?

thats all folks

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