Tuesday, March 9

isn't it?

It's funny, isn't it? How most days start and end, without any lasting memories made in between. How days you think will be important, end up being forgotten, and how days that you never expected to be worth much, are worth the world to you.

When I was a little kid, probably to young to think anything about myself, me, my cousin, and my grandparents all went to Salem Pond. It was around Christmas time, and we were going to see the lights they put in the water, that made the whole thing glow. We went early enough to eat dinner there though, before the sunset. We got KFC, which of course, is the greatest picnicking food and/or fast food in general. So as a little kid, I was going on about how excited I was to eat the first trombone (or 'drumstick', I called them 'trombones' then..) the whole ride there.

The sun was just setting by the time we had finished dinner, (I did, in fact, eat the first drumstick) and we sat on this hill and watched it. I was absolutely in awe at how well the sunset reflected off the water. And how the reds and oranges pierced through the clouds. As young as I was, I never really appreciated it fully. But the beauty of the thing, the most wonderful sunset in the world, stays in my head. I can, of course, return to it at anytime. That's the beauty of memories.

After the sunset, the lights started to light up the pond. Greens, blues, reds, all celebrating the spirit of Christmas. We went back to my grandma's car, and drove around the pond. I looked out the window at the lights, and was mesmerized by them. Especially how, if you looked in the water, the colors mixed together and they made new colors. I couldn't name any of the colors, so me and my cousin tried to name them ourselves. Silly names, like "frufru" and stuff. We sometimes still use those names for colors we don't know. It makes us laugh every time.

Perhaps it was my short attention span at the time, or maybe I got tired, but I eventually stopped gazing out the window. I sunk down into the space that exists between the front and back seats, and sat down. Although I could no longer look out the window, I could still see all the colors. The reds, the blues, the greens. They were reflecting all across the walls of the car, and were reflecting onto me. It was amazing to see, sometimes I don't understand how they reflected so well. But they did, and I felt like I had my own personal light show. Just for me.

I soon fell asleep in that little space between the front seat and back, and was only awoken by the sound of a garage door opening. We had arrived back at my grandma's house, and I was carried away to my grandma's couch. I believe I dreamed of the colors, and the sunset, though. I believe I did, I could be wrong.

It's funny, isn't it? I never knew I'd remember that so well. I didn't expect it, but it means so much to me. I could never forget it, nor would I ever want to. Because sometimes now, when I get lonely or sad, or I feel like there's nothing worth going for. I close my eyes and can see the colors, and the sunset, all over again. Like I'm experiencing it for the first time, yet it's so familiar. But that's the beauty of memories, isn't it?

written by: kason hudman

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