Monday, March 8


Some days words toss and turn around in your head like laundry. Bad laundry at that. The type of laundry which will soon be destroyed all because some one forgot to remove the lip chap from their pant pocket.
i'm sorry but that wont ever go away. Not the stains of course, i'm sure your mother buys perfectly good stain removant.
The nostalgia..

it's one thing i despise. Not having been able to
say good bye. I will never get those moments back. Not even
if you do go back will you get those moments back. It's different. that place. the one you once
called yours. "It's one thing i really hate, not knowing what I'm about
to lose right before i lose it. "

Not knowing i wont ever come back.

let me be free.

I want to laugh again.
. Take
me back.
Take me back.
But i've been back and it wasnt the same.
similar to
moving from somewhere you've lived your whole life and going back to
it. You return to an empty house looking for your favorite toys.


I'm here. I have a message for you

You will never find those things you are looking for.

No it never does go away. Time is still trapped in my soul. Like a
snowglobe. The memories remain the same. though, they are trapped.


there is a small child crying. The type of child you are one day unfortunate enough to find looking for its mother in the middle of the super market. Though you will not find me in the frozen food section next to your no good peas and carrots (not you of course. I'm sure you buy perfectly good peas and carrots.)
Instead, i am trapped in time. in the time of my life i can never return.
and the following years i could never have expected
A small child cries.
But deep down we all have a small child crying, don't we?

I've come to the conclusion
The only answer is to find something new to look for

if i could have anything in the world.. i would choose to be satisfied with what i have. If we can learn to be happy with what we already have we won't be asking ourselves the infamous question 'what do i want?' what you want most is what you hold in your arms.
Respectfully yours,
written anonymously

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  1. i love love love love this post. it rings of familiarity. and i appreciate knowing i'm not the only one who feels this way about things.... i lov love love love love you to. thank you...