Monday, February 8

castles built on sand.

we live in castles built on sand.
we live in castles built on sand. 
we live in castles built on sand.
we live in castles built on sand.
we live in castles built on sand.
those words hit me like a train. i can't get it out of my head.
in a way, its beautiful. its perfect.
this statement could either be terribly dismal or incredibly upbeat.
depending, of course, on how you decide to look at it.

we live such infinite lives. but so quickly can they be taken away.
everything. everything can be taken away in an instant. lost forever.
everything you hold dear, gone in seconds.
everything you've invested your time, effort, emotions. it insures nothing.

at the same time..perhaps it is the knowledge that what we hold is so fragile that reminds us to appreciate it.the awareness that everything can and will change in the blink of an eye. it inspires us to say the words "i love you" more often. to show others how we feel. to take chances. to tell someone what they mean to you. our aging skin and graying hairs which encourages us to truly live. to be free. the fact that everything we hold dear is so delicate which makes it ever so valuable.

i've pondered this all day.
something so beautiful and intricate joining with something temporary and unstable.

 essentially, what is this phrase suggesting we do? this is where i've become ship wrecked.
naturally, every possible answer i give myself has an argument. which in turn accumulates more questions and  possible answers.
until now i find myself in a plethora of questionable answers.

i do realize this line...more than likely... was meant to be no more than a pretty phrase in a vapid film, holding no significance. however, i seem to have become engrossed.

what do those words mean to you?
i'd really like to hear some thoughts other than my own.


  1. This is wonderful.
    You're the only person in the world who could possibly find such profound meaning.
    A small unimportant line.
    You've made it come to life.

  2. I loved your perspective, and I can't disagree. I'll offer up my own thoughts on the expression.
    I thought - Sand is fragile unless made strong. One can live with nothing, live on nothing but sand, and call it a castle.
    If you think about it, no ones life is better or worse than anothers; Only circumstance and emotion differ. (We all live in castles on our proverbial sand.)
    That's at least conception of mine as this phrase stroked my nerves and though process.
    ...Not to mention it brought to mind my favorite Jimi Hendrix song -Castles Made Of Sand- ... "And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventually" ...

  3. Life is fragile, its true.
    Here's the way i like to look at it.
    There's innumerable, infinity, probably even indescribable amounts of sand- on the beaches-in between the rocks- in between our toes-
    and at times, it may seem as though the tide has come in, and taken it all away.
    But no! Definitely not. It's all still there. Your castle, (even if its a little mangled and broken) is still there. The weathering of shells, of rocks, of whatever else even MAKES sand, will be a never ending process, always making more sand
    and more sand
    and more sand
    for us to build on.
    Literal translation: we can always get back what we've lost. well, at least pieces and tastes.
    anyway, thats just my thoughts aloud, make with them what you will. :)
    You have a pretty mind lexi.

  4. i love hearing your thoughts! thank you so much! its amazing seeing how others view things. its all about perspective, everything. i loved hearing yours. inspiring.