Wednesday, February 3

sweet dreams, lexi lou who

i miss my daddy. i miss his stories. for now... i suppose i will tell myself one.

once in a land far far away... there lived a boy.
the boy lived in a village by the sea. this boy, an orphan, was simply called..Boy. there was no need for him to have a name for no one in the village cared to call for him.
once a day the villagers could honor the grandfather orb by lighting lanterns in their homes. The orb lived in the sky, higher up than the tallest mountain top. in ancient times this orb was an elder. the village counselmen often looked up to him for advice during the night. One night a haughty man challenged the grandfather orb, asking why his light was weak.
"you are not a light at all!" the man let out a boom of laughter, "you are only able to glow. we can not grow crops with you nor explore our woods with you. you are nothing compared to the great fire in the sky!"
the great orb said nothing for a very long time.
"i have answered your questions for many years. questions of exchange, crops and cattle. nothing like the sea who whispers poetry to me during the night." the orb smiled,"but men do not ask questions concerning why the great fire never allows them to look upon him. or which secrets of life the wind sings in your ears as it wraps itself through your hair, or the blessings the rain carries to you while you hide in your homes. or what little children dream of when fast asleep. or the final thoughts of men before they close their eyes forever. but, alas, i am a weary orb. and... for now, i will sleep."
The haughty man began to panic. The counsel men tried to wake the great orb but they could do nothing. the villagers paraded through the streets banging pots and pans but, again, nothing could wake the great orb.
After many years the language of the orb became lost and men could not recall the language which they once spoke to the orb in. Some say he is nothing but a glow in the sky, nothing compared to the great fire in the sky which greeted the villagers each morning.
every decade the village assigned a boy, twelve years of age, to sit upon the highest hill and watch over the orb. afterall, he was a very old orb and he could fall from the sky into the sea during the night and no one would have known. If the orb should happen to wake the boy was to immediately wake the village. When Boy became twelve years of age he was given the task of watching over the great orb. He protested to the village counselmen who pretended not to hear his words. The counselmen simply hid behind their spectacles and papers -as counselmen often do- and ordered Boy out of their sight.
there was nothing Boy could do. every night he took his staff and his bird, lyrique, and hiked up the hillside. For many hours he watched the orb, eager for the great fire to awaken. he was, indeed, much brighter. it is such a lonely time, the night. though Lyrique kept the boy great company. Boy had recieved lyrique nearly four years ago. Lyrique was Boy's spirit guardian. all children in this village recieved spirit guardians at the same age. the spirit guardian often served as a guide. sometimes they even protected the humans, warning them of potential danger. Lyrique flitted through the air all night, often singing the boy sweet songs which sent the boy rolling on the grass with laughter. some nights, when Lyrique was sad, he sang the boy sad songs which made him cry. During those nights Lyrique did not flit about. he perched on Boys shoulder and cried also. But night after night, the great orb did not wake.
after many weeks the boy became discouraged. One morning the great fire silently summoned every villager out of their house and they began the days work, Boy remembered hearing of a mystical man who lived in the highest mountain. it was often said that this man was very wise, holding the answers to all questions of man. if the boy began his journey up the mountain now, he could return in time to watch over the ancient orb. if he could find the old man.. maybe he could learn how to wake the moon. with this in mind, the boy hastily began his journey..

i'll finish my thoughts another night. for now i am tired. and my achey eyes need sleep.


  1. This is darling, darling.
    You are so adorable.

  2. i love it's potential... i think its very creative. :D