Monday, December 21

Audrey Hepburn is cheering for us

my nails are painted red. i love wearing lipstick, love love. told someone that i came out of the womb wearing boots. wear my indian boots every chance, i'd sleep in them if i could. practically breathe jazz music. been living off of hot cocoa and candy canes. wish so much i had more to give this season. matching socks are for squares and people who can actually find matching socks. my room is a complete disaster. i love lord of the rings, harry potter and star wars and don't care who knows it. autumn and winter are my favorite style seasons. i collect vogue and elle magazines. my parents are unbelievably adorable, im so proud. i feel most confident while wearing a button-up shirt. i take pride in doing socially unacceptable things. im politically incorrect, love it. i try my hardest to always be sincere. no empty conversations, words with value. macy dear, soul sisters. little birds.

and... i've fallen in love with this picture. audrey hepburn. exquisite.

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